In 2008 KYMCO sales were immediately behind Honda and Yamaha worldwide, with a whopping 800,000 units. This was achieved with a production of modest looking but extremely high quality scooters. Market position strengthened the model Xciting which proved to be one of the most reliable maxi scooter in the 250cc class. From this enormous revenue KYMCO separates 17% (as well as every following year) for the development of innovations. That same year it began a collaboration with BMW on the development of new aggregates and production in the KYMCO plants. The first result - an aggregate of 300 cc model was celebrated in Downtown 300i, which dominated the market. To this aggregate, which is the smallest in size and has the lowest and the highest power in its class, the competition failed to answer for two years. Only Piaggio group of 2012 represents the aggregate 350i, which provides the same power, but with a greater work capacity and dimensions. Incessant development, KYMCO has already had a ready answer. The new four-stroke engine G5 399 cc, water-cooled and with direct injection, ready to be installed in a brand new Xciting 400i. This engine continues KYMCO development strategy of lightweight, powerful and fuel-efficient engines. Machine of 399 cubic meters in XCITING 400i will develop 26.5 kW at 7500 rpm, a 37nm of torque at 6,000 rpm and an average consumption of about 4 liters per 100 km and respect the most stringent European exhaust emission standards.

The first scooter that will bring this new engine is Xciting 400i. Lighter, more economical, almost as powerful and yet faster and more agile than Xciting 500, KYMCO decided to fully replace Xciting 500R with Xciting 400i . Xciting is KYMCO sporty maxi scooter, which along with a new engine and a brand new design re-target the top of its class and continue the glory it brought with Xciting 250. In this new generator, the largest innovation are double special reinforcements on the underside of the frame engine, which relieves vibration and improve the already good handling. This should also fix the level of comfort, which is not a strong side of KYMCO sports-oriented series.

Refinement of this model was shown on the tests in the United States where it was determined that this model has the best acceleration and smoothest transmission in the class. For good acceleration except, of course is responsible and decent weight, that with all fluids is 193 kg. Wheelbase of 1565 mm and a tire at Downtown (front wheel 14 inches, rear 13) guarantee the stability and security management, but do not expect to be with Xciting a 400 running through the crowd as the smaller scooters. Yet this is the maxi-scooter-small dimensions 2220 mm in length with a width of 795 mm. A scooter of these dimensions provides plenty of room for the driver, who is comfortably and perfectly protected from the wind. However, as a sports scooter, Xciting 400 has a lower comfort for passengers and shorter windshield, as higher driver at high speeds can direct the wind right on the head. If you start on a longer journey, the space under the seat XCITING 400i volume of 42.7 liters with enough space for a full-face helmet and some little things will be a big plus, but there is also a standard 12V socket that can be helpful.

Traditionaly the highlight of the series Xciting is the brake system. Xciting 400i comes standard with a built-in Bosch ABS system with floating discs and radial calipers, similar to large motorcycles, which guarantees the stop. Front and rear suspension is configured so that even at sharp braking scooter provides less g-force for the driver.

All technical and quality innovation is followed an extremely well-designed sporty look scooter. Aggressive lines are accented and headlights which are made in LED technology. Given that it is already quite a number of the roads in Montenegro, the appearance does not need to waste words on quality, best ask one of the owners of this scooter. Excellent driving behavior and complete absence of failures are the best recommendation for this scooter.